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Net.Cms 1

OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Publisher: Canteco
price: Freeware
Size: 407 Kb
Date added: December 10, 2006
Product page:
Net.Cms 1 program screenshot
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Net.CMS ( cms/ and is all-in-one out-of-box
- CMS,
- on-line WYSIWYG editor,
- platform for delivery ANY business application (for example, ERP) as chargeable web service to any hosted site.
The distinctive set of features, that make this CMS UNIQ, are:
- Virtually independent CMS and web design tool for each and all hosting sites;
- One database as the repository of ALL sites? content;
- Instant availability of new service for all upon installation on server;
- One click new site creation;
- Incredibly simple installation, maintenance and migration.
It provides fast and clear way to visually build and maintain individual web pages as well as site structure including navigation tools - menus. To compose web page you may:
(1) Use one of hard coded site template (theme) ? time saving way.
(2)Build page as composition of elements rendered from different templates (themes).
(3)Create your own simple or sophisticated (css, js driven) elements and pages.
(4)Include web applications (ERP, Shopping cart, Gallery etc.) supported by hosting system.
(5)Any combination of above (there is no technical limitation on quantity of pages or their complexity).
You build Web site in real time using site Admin Panel. It works with all of the most popular browser. All changes affect look and feel of your site instantly.
Net.Cms originally created as part of multi-domain hosting systems. In the same time due to small foot print and no trick installation it perfectly meets requirements for personal or small business web site.
There are no special prerequisites ? only PHP and MySql.

Free Download Net.Cms 1

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